Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Waves of Romance Review

Sage Drake is living the good life in sunny Seaside Heights, Florida. Once an avowed workaholic, her sexy new lover – surfer, world traveler and author Derek Chambers – has awakened in her not just a love for the ocean, and surfing, but for life in general. But when her trusted assistant manager departs for college a few months early, Sage is forced to choose between managing her bookstore, Sequels, or enjoying the good life with Derek. A solution comes in the form of Colby Weathers, a worthy replacement for her old assistant manager… if only she wasn’t so beautiful. Sage isn’t the only one to notice and, when Derek and Colby hit it off, Sage’s worst fears are confirmed: he easily tosses her aside for the much younger Colby. Or does he? After a brief affair, Derek comes back, more in love than ever. The only question is: can Sage forgive him?


Owning and running a bookstore that serves coffee on the beach is pretty much my dream life.  A surfer, author boyfriend would just be a distraction if you ask me.

That being said, this was a fun, if slightly R-rated read.  There were a few things about Derek that rather bothered me and if my boyfriend acted like that he would soon be history.  (but as a fiction read, forgiveness is all good)

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Express Yourself: May 18 to May 22, 2015

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is hosted Bouquet Of Books and Entertaining Interests.  This week's topic is: What quirks does your BFF have that you adore, because it makes them unique?

This is a photo of me and my BFF, aren't we adorable?  Like puppies right?  Anyway...back to quirks that I adore, the dictionary defines a quirk as a peculiar behavioral habit.  I can't say that she has any quirks so to speak but I adore her most of the time just the same.

This is a blog hop (that I am a week behind on) usually I would post the linky list here but when I went  to grab it said it was expired so when it is back up and running I will come back and update it for you all.

Monday, May 25, 2015

100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy

I stumbled across this one day in my wanderings on the blogosphere over on Nerdy Birdie and I knew I absolutely wanted to participate but as I was in the middle of the A to Z Challenge at the time I knew that I did not have the time, or the energy to do it.  However it's May now.

So, like most things that I want to do I am going to bend the rules just a touch and use Mondays as my days to be catching up on the 100 days posts.  I think it will be fun and interesting, some of the topics are really fantastic.

This isn't a blog hop in the strictest sense of the word so there's no link list to check out other posts but there is a google community which can be found here.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Post A to Z Road Trip

As usual I finished the A to Z Challenge with more than a few blogs left to visit so it's time for the annual cruise through summer and visiting the rest of those blogs.

I am planning on taking it easy this year, I always try to be super ambitious and do everything and want to post about my favourite things that I find and I never do because life is busy and I am always doing a thousand things.  So this year I am just going to visit new blogs from the list when I can and not stress about anything else.

If I find something super fantastic I will share it with you guys, but I am not stressing about it.

Find the list of other road trippers here.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Rake and The Recluse Review

Great Britain, 1880

A woman out of time.
A man stifled by propriety.
A nemesis determined to take her away.
A brother to the rescue.

The Duke of Roxleigh is running the track, training his new set of Friesians when a woman runs from the forest directly into his path, nearly killing her.

He takes her back to his home to care for her... but there's something not quite right and though he wishes to be done with the entire situation, he just can't keep her from his thoughts...

Francine Larrabee was on a path bound for certain glory, until she lands in Victorian England and is nearly killed by a team of terrifying black horses led by a Duke, Gideon, who matches them in spirit and demeanor and always seems to be cross. Though she is drawn to her rescuer, he wants nothing to do with her.

Brother to The Duke of Roxleigh, the Lord Peregrine Trumbull, is Viscount
of Roxleigh in name, but a rake of the worst order by action.... until he meets his match in a girl who requires his complete submission, something he has never been familiar with.

Lilly Steele was a simple country miss until she was kidnapped, brutally attacked and left for dead in the far reaches of Great Britain, now she has escaped the aftermath and has asked Perry to do the untenable.

She managed to recover her physical injuries... but the emotional scars run deep and will require absolute trust and healing from an altogether unlikely source.

What is love? Where does it come from? What makes two people crash, and two other people burn. In this six part serial novel we learn what it means to love, what it means to care, and what it feels like to give up everything you know, to save the one person you can't live without.


This was a really great read, definitely not PG-13 but fun just the same.  It's got everything, time travel, a dashing Lord, a horrid villain, fancy clothes, and all sorts of racy action to make you blush. Seriously, all the blushing I did, you would never know I had two kids.

One of my favourite parts of this book is all the detail that is put into the little things, the clothing, the house, the train car.  Oh my, the train car! It really helps to make you fall in love with the book. The characters are all so fun as well, Perry was my absolute favourite.

You can find The Rake and The Recluse which is the first book of the Lords of Time series here.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Celebrate The Small Things: May 22, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things is hosted by Lexa Cain along with wonderful co- hosts Writing Off The Edge and The Cyborg Mom

This week I am celebrating the successful launch brunch that the Toronto chapter of Geek Girl Brunch had last weekend.  We had about 10 Brunchettes show up and given that it was a long weekend I think that was pretty great.  Now to gear up for next month's brunch, which has a Space Travelers theme.  (matches my wedding theme, great practice for me)

Also on my list of celebrations this week is that my phone has FINALLY been fixed and I have it back.  I have never been happier.  I missed it so much.

What are you celebrating this week?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

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