Thursday, January 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

I seem to have become a bit addicted to blog hops lately, it's because I love having the pressure of having a topic to write about taken off if me for the moment.  Life has sucked any and all of the creative ideas I once had out of my brain and I am stuck staring at my computer screen blankly most days.  That's where finding interesting blog hops to join and find fresh things to write about (give me a kick in the pants to write) comes in.

What's Up Wednesday is a blog hop created by Jamie Morrow and Erin Funk to help writers connect.  I need a little encouragement in the area of writing these days so I felt motivated to join in and find some new friends.  The headings for the WUW posts are:



Right now I am reading a wonderful mish-mash of things for various reading challenges and reviews.  I have on the go War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, Hyrule Historia by Akira Himekawa and maybe four other books that I am enjoying as well.  I firmly believe in reading all the things at all times.


I am currently working on the never ending novel project.  It started as my NaNo project in 2013 and while NaNo was a fail I loved the idea and have been working on it however inconsistently ever since,  I have, however, now written myself into a corner so to speak and am not sure how to get back out again so it has sat untouched for the last two months. 

My goal for the week is to bring it out and write something on it, ANYTHING, just to get the story moving again.  I can sort the logistics of it out later.   


I write my best surrounded by hustle and bustle.  So I spend my day off at Starbucks blowing my paycheck on Triple Venti Caramel Machiatos and cranking out the word count.  Or my blog for the week.  Or my pen pal letters.  (yes guys, those do exist. They are coming I promise)


The kidlets got the stomach flu last week and threw my whole life out of whack as par usual.  I don't even know what in whack is anymore so I think I may stop saying that.  That's about the extent of my excitement.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Express Yourself: January 26 to 30, 2015

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is hosted Bouquet Of Books and Entertaining Interests.  This week's topic is: What are some writerly tips you've found helpful?

The most helpful writing advice to me is to write every day.  Just write.  Write anything.  A journal entry, a blog, your WIP, a short story, a poem. Whatever floats your boat.

When I was my high school creative writing class our teacher would make us spend the first twenty minutes of the class writing in journals.  We could write whatever we wanted.  I still have those journals.  I used them for story outlining, character drafting, name idea listing, poetry, short stories and occasional random thoughts.

The other tip that I have found works wonders is just keep writing, don't look back.  You can edit later.  I wish I had learned that one a long time ago.  My writing is getting much stronger now.  (or at least moving forward)

What writing tips have you found helpful?  This is a blog hop please join in below:

Monday, January 26, 2015

A to Z Challenge 2015

So, it's now official.  I have signed up for the A to Z Challenge for 2015.

Last year was the first year I signed up that I didn't finish and the guilt has been eating me alive.  So I have been prepping for this year since November.  I am well prepared.

I am number 116 on the sign up list this year.  Yay!  Look for my theme announcement coming up in March and other exciting news.  If you want to join in on all the A to Z Challenge fun check out the A to Z Challenge Blog.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fast Five Friday: January 23, 1015

This blog hop is the brainchild of Dani and Jax over at Cover Girls and it's quickly become one of my favourites.  It's fast, in list format and I can participate as much or as little as I want. Which is cool, because sometimes life gets busy.

This week's topic is: Five TV Character Crushes.  Now you may guess that narrowing this down to five was a bit difficult for me.  The first four were easy enough but that number five spot was difficult to lock down. 

1) Spike (sigh) 

2) The Doctor (I don't really play favourites, show up at my door with the TARDIS and I'm yours....just don't tell my fiance)

3) Captain Jack Harkness (because really, who doesn't have a crush on him?)

4) Ianto Jones (perfect man, looks that good and makes coffee)

5) Constantine

The topics for the upcoming weeks are:

Jan. 23: Five TV Character Crushes

Jan. 30: Five Favorite Authors

Feb. 6: Five Novels You Wish You Wrote

Feb. 13: Five Romantic Movies You Love

Feb. 20: Five Book Characters You’re Crushing On

Feb. 27: Five Top TV Shows

Mar. 6: Five Book Characters You Relate To

Mar. 13: Five Books You Recommend

Mar. 20: Five Best Writing Songs

Mar. 27: Five Movie Character Crushes

Don't forget to go by Cover Girls Fast Five Friday post and link up if you decide to participate.

Celebrate The Small Things: January 23, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things has been taken over by a brand new host, Lexa Cain along with wonderful co- hosts Writing Off The Edge and The Cyborg Mom.

I haven't posted for a few weeks because I have been going through some health issues and to be honest I haven't been able to see the bright side of much of anything but I am back on the chipper side of things again and ready to find my silver lining.

This week I am celebrating that I didn't go crazy earlier this week when both of my kids had the stomach flu and I was stuck at home with them.

I am also celebrating that my son is now double digits, no longer a little boy but no quite a teenager yet either.  (that's a little bitter sweet)

What are you celebrating this week?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tea With The Queen Review

When mice turn 100 years old (in mouse-years, of course) they get to visit the Queen of England.  When Charlie journeys across they countryside for his grandmother's visit he discovers that even little creatures can have big adventures. 

Charlie's adventure with his grandparent's was super fun to join him on, it was well written and engaging.

Cat and I loved the illustrations, we have not had a lot of luck with e-books for Cat lately so this one was a refreshing delight.  Among our favourites were Percy and the Queen, so fantastic.

Cat is a huge fan of tea parties of all kinds so immediately following this book we had to have our own tea party with the Queen.  (even though we are nowhere near 100 yet)  I am a big fan of any book that makes the kids want to stay in any part of that world after it is read.  (that's after all how I was inspired)

This book can be found on Amazon here.  

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. As always all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Express Yourself: January 19 to 23, 2015

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is hosted Bouquet Of Books and Entertaining Interests.  This week's topic is: What's your favourite movie you saw in 2014?

This was a pretty easy one for me, there was only one that sprang to mind when I thought about 2014 movies.  I saw a lot of them, but Guardians of the Galaxy stood heads and shoulders above the rest.  It was fantastic.

From the soundtrack to the way it tore your heart out this movie had something for everybody.  Even my sister, who is not into anything loves this movie.  (well mostly Groot, but still)  Which brings me of course to my favourite thing about this movie, all the awesome actors who are in it.

Glenn Close, Peter Serafinowicz, Vin Diesel, other people who are equally as awesome.  But it wasn't about that, it wasn't like you look at the screen and said oh hey that's the guy from...until maybe the third or fourth time you saw it because they all being so awesome.  

Anyhow, this is a blog hop.  Go check out what everyone else's favourite movie of 2014 was.  There were some pretty awesome ones that came out last year.